Memories Revived…………….

Its  amazing how heat songs become “just the other song”. Not so long ago we had people sing along to the song by Kelly and Nelly titled dilemma…….

I.. love you, and I.. need you
Nelly I.. love you, I do.. neeeeed you – but
[Chorus: Kelly Rowland]
No matter what I do, all I think about is you
Even when I’m with my boo, boy you know I’m crazy over you
No matter what I do, all I think about is you
Even when I’m with my boo, boy you know I’m crazy over you

Yeah  I know I got most of you singing along right there,, memories revived???

Bringing it back closer to home  most of us where dancing it off to heat songs by DJ CLeo….the likes of “hlokoloza” and “facebook”  but now all we hear is…..

1,2….Put on your dancing shoes

Xigubu xiba swinene

xukuteka ai xukuteka

xiba ngopfu


 Come 2010 world cup all you could hear was the so called “VUVUZELA SONG“. In actual fact the so called “vuvuzela song”  is called shayi mpembe……………remember this chorus??

Shayi vuvuzela * 2

Shayi vuvuzela-a-a-a-a-


Yeah  I know I got most of you singing along right there,, memories revived???

Did You Know???????

 Turn lemon into lemonade

Talk about turning lemon into lemonade, Austrian goldsmith Klemens Pointner turned a cheap $3 plastic vuvuzela into $30,000 by merely covering it in white gold and encrusting it with diamonds.

  The world’s largest instrument of mass annoyance is the vuvuzela.

Hyundai devoted the engineering unit to create the world’s largest weapon of mass annoyance, a 114-foot long vuvuzela in Cape Town, South Africa. A huge 114-foot-long vuvuzela on one of the unfinished flyover roads above Cape Town and attached several air horns to the mouth piece, when blown it makes one hell of a noise

 Black Hole Music

Vuvuzelas has something in common with black holes: both emit a single continuous tone of B flat. It’s interesting to note that although light cannot escape the incredibly massive black hole, the buzzing sound of vuvuzelas has absolutely no trouble whatsoever.

 Hate vuvuzelas? Blame China

The vuvuzela may be a South African invention, but making them so annoying worldwide can only be done by China South Africans may have inspired the vuvuzela — the horn that, when sounded by hundreds of thousands of soccer fans, has irritated people the world over — but it’s the Chinese who can make millions of them for about 30 cents apiece and have them shipped to your shores in weeks. Industry officials said about 90% of the world’s vuvuzelas are produced in two coastal provinces: Guangdong and Zhejiang.


ImageI have always wondered whether Flo rida’s commercial hit song “whistle” would have been more successful if he said vuvuzela instead of whistle. The number one hit song has a catchy hook chorus that you won’t be able to get it out of your head. Probably the pop sound wouldn’t have blended well with the monotonic vuvuzela sound or maybe if he was African he would have said vuvuzela instead of whistle if you know what I mean ;-).

Enough with these sexual innuendos and connotations let’s look at the vuvuzela from a musical perspective. The vuvuzela produces a loud tone with a pitch which is said to be B flat below middle C. On its own it can be compared unflatteringly to an elephant passing wind but if blown by many people the sound can be likened to a swarm of angry wasps. The monotonic nature of its sound is one of the things that make it so annoying to some people. Despite the drowning nature of the vuvuzela tone this has not stopped some people from making music using a vuvuzela. A group of people from Cape Town formed a vuvuzela choir but I have had the opportunity to listen to them and they don’t sound that good maybe it is because of the monotonic nature of the instrument.

A plethora of devices have been made around the world with the hope that they will enjoy the same popularity as the vuvuzela. Unfortunately this has not been the case and one particular device of interest is the caxirola which was designed specifically the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil. The caxirola is a Brazilian percussion instrument in a closed plastic basket with a flat bottom filled with synthetic particles and is sounded by shaking.  Unfortunately for Brazil the instrument was banned from soccer matches claiming that it could be used as an instrument or for publicity which makes me wonder whether FIFA is not playing double standards since the same argument was used against South Africa in 2010.

Still on the banning of the caxirola in Brazil, if you have been watching the confederations cup you would have noticed that Nigeria’s famous band is not in Brazil. Where they banned from matches as well? Or maybe I missed them since I have only managed to watch Nigeria once.

Keep following for more on this!




Taking it back to the roots “buzzzzz sound”

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without its roots” -Marcus Garvey-

There are many theories regarding the birth of the “horn of plenty” however the birth of this majestic instrument is scientifically unproven and it is a matter of passionate debate.

Okaaay so lets take it back to the roots, the origin of the word vuvuzela. Some argue that it originates from the Zulu word “making a loud noise” while others uphold that it relates to township slang for the word “shower” since it showers people with music and its shape designed in the form of a shower head………

Traditional horn?? It is believed the “horn of plenty” evolved from the kudu horn instruments which were used to call for village meetings in parts of Africa…….

Individual glory?? Kaizer Chiefs fan Freddie “Saddum” Maake believes that he was the first one to craft the “horn of plenty” out of an old bicycle horn in 1965……

Faithfull sound??  Did it originate from the tin trumpets of the Shembe church, a South African Religion that mixes Zulu traditions with Christian theology? The Shembe church asserts a Kaizer Chiefs fan stole the idea of the horn after visiting their church in 1990s…….

The USA?? Americans deem that they are the ones gave birth to the “horn of plenty” mentioning the appearance its appearance and excessive use in stadiums since 1960s and coined it the “stadium horn”

Mr Bones?? While other people assume that the horn was given birth in the movie Mr Bones…….

Considering the possibilities of the birth of the “horn of plenty” What is your belief regarding its birth???


A NIGHT TO REMEMBER “vuvuzela unplugged”

“Does sound have rhythm? Does it rise and fall like the ocean? Does sound come and go like the wind?”
-Myron Uhlberg-

Even the cold night air could not destruct the vibrant atmosphere at the majestic soccer city. The feel was alive with anticipation and the immense crowd was electrified with enthusiasm and zeal. Multicolored exhibitions of national flags and flamboyant signs of team support added to the pandemonium of the moment which was enchanted by the resounding and ubiquitous drone of thousands of vuvuzelas; seemed to be loved and equally hated by many.

Made of plastic “the horn of plenty” comes in assortment of colors. Green/ Yellow for the “BAFANA BAFANA” supporters & green/ white/ red “ELI TRI” supporters. Bringing it back close to home black/white for the fans of ORLANDO PIRATES and black/yellow for the 2012/13 P.S.L. season champions KAIZER CHIEFS…….

Despite the uproar and noise that protests against the “horn of plenty” with no doubt the 2010 world cup in conglomeration with the “ VUVU” has set a new benchmark for the 2014 world cup hosts Brazil.

Could the 2014 world cup possibly follow the “VUVU WAR” set by South Africa in 2010???